Organization Development partner for business transformation and growth

do these sound familiar ?

High Turnover

Lack of Competency

Hard work with no result

Non Performing Team

Poor Communication

Job Overload

why we are here

“Managing business and organization is about managing your talent (people) so they can perform together achieving common goal called vision"





The ability to adapt will help businesses to sustain. Transformation across generation need employee’s involvement

Top down approach in management need to support by active participation

Management knowledge for everyone

People management is same as important as sales and production

our services

human capital function is a strategic partner to grow your organization or business

Organization Check Up

Business diagnostic identifying main issues and concerns based on strategic vision and corporate value for optimizing people’s performance.

Corporate Branding, Organization Structure

Human Capital Strategic Development

Review and design practical system in talent management functions : recruitment, compensation benefit, performance management, people development, industrial relation and human capital data management.


Standard Operational Procedure, Company's regulation and policy, Job Description

Human Capital Operational Advisory

Strategy implementation in talent management providing operational advise, side by side as business partner.

Operational document templates

Executive Leadership Development

Competency development for business leaders through workshop and exclusive training program

To become a leading national organizational development consulting
company in Indonesia with global competence.

  • Develop practical, relevant, and solution organizational development consulting services to answer business partners’ problems.
  • Prioritize analysis and recommendation processes that uphold business ethics.
  • Become a reliable business partner in managing human resources.
  • Provide social benefits to efforts of developing Indonesian human resources through knowledge development and assistance for local entrepreneurs.

our values



Professionality above all doings


Human is human


Fairness in both research and report.


Thinking as deep as the ocean.


Applicable solutions are the key


Our integrity on data safety

our team

Yakobus Yuliatmoko

Chief Consultant


Experience of more than ten years in the human resource management consultancy service. Providing strategic advisory for state-owned companies, family-based companies, and international non-government agencies in various industries including finance, automotive, shipping, and manufacturing.

Hold a bachelor’s degree in Informatic Engineering from Sanata Dharma Yogyakarta and a Master’s Degree in Development Management from the Asian Institute of Management, Philippines, along with a Certified Human Resource Professional from Atma Jaya University, Jakarta.

Yohanes Supriyono

Chief Consultant


Become excellent in ethnography research and experience in participatory field research for more than 10 years, and lecturer of logical, critical, and creative thinking subjects, in several major universities in Jakarta and Tangerang Selatan. Involve in community development projects in rural areas of Kalimantan, Papua, and West Papua since 2007. Provide critical inputs to the Bupati of Kabupaten Dogiyai, Papua, for various issues regarding strategy to improve public services.

Hold a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from Driyarkara School of Philosophy (Jakarta) and a Master’s of Anthropology from Universitas Indonesia, Depok.

Indra Dewanto

Businessand Leadership Coach


Experience of more than 15 years in the professional field and 10 years in the coaching industry, consultation, and advisory with a specialization in leadership. Actively participating as a key-opinion leader through book writing and digital content on YouTube providing advisories over business in telecommunication, banking, finance, logistics, manufacturing, and both government and state-owned companies.

Graduate from Institut Teknologi Surabaya and a master’s degree in Marketing and Human Resources from PPM, Jakarta, alongside with Erickson Professional Coaching certification from Erickson Coaching International, Canada.

Nimitta Kusumastuti



Experience of more than 10 years in training and development, assisting both national and multinational companies. Specialized in developing Training Need Analysis (TNA) based on the company’s needs to grow employee competency within the company through direct training and drafting training matrixes. Have worked on several projects, such as PT. Cisarua Mountain Dairy, PT. Indesso Aroma, PT. Prodia Widyahusada Tbk. for developing employees’ competencies to align with the company’s vision and value.

Graduated from Universitas Persada Indonesia YAI majored in Psychology.


Ainul Mardiyah

Business Analyst


Experience in strategic business specializing in manufacturing and supply chain. Experts in developing business processes, SOPs, and documents that support good corporate governance. Build corporate branding and develop human capital function strategies. Experienced in quite a few Industry manufacturing companies such as PT. CitraDimensi Arthali (Cedea Seafood) and PT. Paragon Technologies and Innovation (Wardah Cosmetics and Group).

Graduated from Universitas Pembangunan Nasional Veteran Jakarta majored in Industrial Engineering with an honorable degree with certification in Production Planning Systems by BNSP.

Akbar Syahputra



Experience in supply chain business analysis and warehouse management systems. Demonstrates proficiency in crafting efficient business processes, standard operating procedures (SOPs), and conducting cost analyses to ensure the company maintains positive profit margins and enhances customer competitiveness. Possesses a strong grasp of human resource legal compliance, aligning with Government Labor Policies. Prior experience includes contributions to PT. Bintang Dagang Internasional (Haistar) in the field of Supply Chain and Warehouse Management Systems.

Graduated from Universitas Pembangunan Nasional Veteran Jakarta majored in Industrial Engineering. 

Martin B.U Nababan


Healthcare, Digital Transformation and Logistic

Experience in more than 15 years as in Organization Development Consultant in various types of industries. Excellence in executive leadership coaching, developing strategic business, human resources, management systems, digital transformation, and corporate culture. Experience as a strategic leader in notable companies such as ELMA-Group, and Susi Air.

Graduate from Asian Institute of Management in Philippines, Manila. and licensed Practical Master by NLP from Universitas Sumatera Utara.

Dennis Firmansjah

Senior Advisor

Finance Management

Experience in finance for nearly 40 years, including 25 years as a board director in notable companies. Excellence in financial consultant with specialization in financing management and advisories of recovering from financial health and developing a company’s business strategies. Experience in Aditama Finance, Esta Dana Ventura, Bussan Auto Finance, Buana Finance Tbk, and Smart Multi Finance. Active as the General Secretary of the Asia Financial Service Association and a member of the Dewan Pakar Asosiasi Perusahaan Pembiayaan Indonesia (APPI).

Graduated , with an honorable degree from the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) Manila, Philippines.

Edi Isdwiarto-JPG

Edi Isdwiarto

Senior Advisor

FMCG and Human Capital

Experience for almost 30 years in Sales, Marketing, and Human Capital Management. Directed several business functions from operational management to finance. Excellence in Human Capital function advisory in both government and private sectors. Former Coca-Cola Amatil Director across different departments for more than 12 years such as Operation, Marketing, Production, Human Capital, Head of Regional Branch, and former Human Capital Directors in Pegadaian.

Graduate from Universitas Gajah Mada with both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.

Ronny Mustamu

Senior Advisor

Corporate Governance

Experience of more than 25 years in academics and 15 years in coaching and consulting industries. With expertise in strategic management, market and communication management, system governance, leadership, organization development, and continuity business program. Experience as Chief Analyst for 2 years in Sustainable and Responsible Investment (SRI-KEHATI) Index for Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX).

Graduate from Universitas Airlangga, Masters in Asian Institute of Management, Manilla, Philippines, and a Doctorate in Assumption University of Thailand, Bangkok. One of the members of LEAD International and actively participating in the continuity of circular economy, one of 55 experts in the world who invited by the United Nations (UN) for UNOSD to discuss the SGDs concept on April 2014, and he is one of the Intelijen Investasi Pemerintah Jawa Timur experts

what's new

network partner

A business network dedicated to young entrepreneurs with the spirit of givers gains through business referral in Indonesia, Regional, and Global.

Communication forum dedicated to business school alumni with professional networks and businessman in Indonesia and Southeast Asia for sharing information about developing business and management.

International philanthropist network for businessmen and women and professional to help society through fundraising and real act programs.

Dogiyai Government as a business partner for creating and developing great human resources in West Papua and Papua.

Human Capital Development with focus services on leadership training, sales, and business coaching.

Community with human capital practitioner for developing human resource in term of quality and competency.

Human capital consultant with a focus on physiological evaluation and interactive coaching and training.

Human Capital consultant with a focused service on governance compliance strategy.

Branding consultant that gives solutions for conventional businesses to start digital transformation and other breakthroughs.

Indonesia-based professional services company specializing in Business & Management Consulting, Market & Marketing Research, and other essential solutions for business.

Konsultan sumber daya manusia dengan fokus layanan pada strategi tata kelola perusahaan.

Komunitas praktisi sumber daya manusia untuk pengembangan kualitas pengetahuan dan kompetensi professional sdm.

Media komunikasi lokal di wilayah Papua untuk pengembangan pengetahuan usaha kecil menengah.

Pemerintah kabupaten Dogiyai sebagai mitra dalam upaya mengembangkan kualitas sdm di wilayah Papua Barat dan Papua.


Strategic development and Career growth program.

Accompaniment of corporate culture transformation in Head Office.

Development Research about Current Account Saving Account (CASA) through banking service in micro segmentation.

Work management implementation based on Olympic System in the factory area.

Job Description evaluation and developing a handbook for employee growth.

Job Description evaluation and restructuring organization within the company.

Stakeholder consultation research to assist in preparation for economic cooperation plans between Australia and Indonesia.

Leadership and Effective Communication Skills training.

Evaluate Human Capital policy and alignment with Indonesia labor law.

Evaluate 16 research institutions that funded by DFAT.

Evaluate company's policy, and job descriptions for all job levels.

Evaluate and develop work management systems and operations in Human Capital department.

Enhancing Service Culture training program.

Evaluate employee performance management system with Layer Voice Analysis Technologies.

Evaluate employee performance management system with Layer Voice Analysis Technologies.

Accompaniment of system and strategic development business and organizational behavior.

Accompaniment of system and strategic development business and organizational behavior.

Accompaniment of system and operational strategic development business.

Organizational check-up with defining company’s vision, mission and value, business process, and organization structural.

Organizational check-up defines the vision, mission, values, business processes and organizational structure.

Organizational check-up defines the vision, mission, values, business processes and organizational structure.

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